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Master 's Degree in Industrial Engineering    

European quality label for engineering degree programmes at Master level

   Quality label and certificate from AQU Catalunya


The Master in Industrial Engineering at the University of Lleida qualifies you to practice the profession of industrial engineer. The Master also provide our students with the competences, aptitudes and attitudes required to direct and fulfil innovative projects in the engineering field, nowadays essential in both local and national and international companies.

IMPORTANT: Notice that the term “Industrial Engineer” in Spain differs from its use in the rest of the world. The profession of Industrial Engineer in Spain is a regulated professional title with signing powers focused to broaden engineering competences in different fields. It differs in concept, knowledge, and skills from the “Industrial Engineering” degree of many other countries, more focussed in engineering and management. These degrees in Spain are referred to as “Industrial Organization” (Organización Industrial).


  • Industrial Engineers are in  the third position in the ranquing of most requested professions based on "V Informe Adecco Professional sobre carreras con más salidas profesionales" (+info).
  • Enginyers award to the best MASTER PROJECT. Get enrolled!!! (+info).


  • Scholarship calls (+info).

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Places offered for this master's degree: 20 places


Pre-enrolment Periods (Cours 2019-2020):

Enrolment Periods (Cours 2019-2020):
  • First Period: From July 22nd to July 24th, 2019
  • Second Period: From September 19th to September 20th, 2019

The Industrial Engineering Master at the UdL in 5 minutes, here

The syllabus of the Industrial Engineering Master at the UdL, here

Coordinador: Miquel Nogués Aymamí (