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Why study?

Creation and transmission of knowledge and preparing professionals are big axes in which university life is performed. For this reason preparing good professionals should be our principal objective. University has to respond to the demands of a society in constant transformation and at the same time embrace the plurality of knowledge. On the one hand, it is necessary to ensure the continuity and renewal of university knowledge and its traditions in order to go on offering society an intellectual, scientific and human experience; on the other hand, we need agile and flexible answers to redirect teaching depending on the needs of society.

From the teaching point of view, priority is given to continuous assessment, active pedagogy methodologies and professional orientation (with compulsory internships), while at the same time students are initiated into research (bachelor’s thesis). Additionally, coordination of different subject matters provides a considerable advantage for ensuring basic knowledge acquirement and avoiding duplication.


Professional Opportunities

This master's degree qualifies graduates to practise the regulated profession of industrial engineer.

In particular, graduates will be able to develop the following professional profiles:

  • Designer and executor of systems, components, processes, installations and products for solving specific needs.
  • Company manager, director and administrator.
  • Developer and director of major projects in any engineering branch.
  • Industrial organizer.
  • Teaching.
  • Research.
  • Free professional practice.