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Enjoy the wide range of possibilities for studying that the UdL offers you

Specific Scholarship

  1. Collaboration scholarships of the university departments. (+info)
  2. Call for the Excellence Scholarship of the EPS. (+info)
  3. Teaching Assistant Program. (+info)
  4. Scholarships for master students coming from a foreigner educational system. (+info)


  1. Enginyers award to the best MASTER PROJECT IN ENGINEERING. Get enrolled!!!. (+info)

General Scholarships

1 See

General scholarships

- General scholarships of MECD ((Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports)

- Scholarships of the AGAUR (Agency for Management of University and Research Grants)

- Scholarships for foreign students

2 See

Collaboration scholarships of the UdL

- Specific collaboration scholarships

- Service and units collaboration scholarships

- Collaboration scholarships of the EPS

3 See

General grants

- Travel grants

- Culture grants

- Grants for students with special needs

- Master’s degree grants awarded by the UdL

4 See

Study grants for serious socioeconomic situations

- UdL Grants